Architectural Design for iPad

Manmade Modular Megastructures, vol 76, no 1
p 4 Jonathan Schwinge, Cloud Piercer, proposal for mile-high megastructures in the Thames Estuary, 2005 © Jonathan Schwinge
p 11(l) Kisho Kurokawa, Helix City, Tokyo, 1961 © Kisho Kurokawa Architect & Associates
p 54 Richard Rogers, Zip-Up, 1968 © Eamonn O’Mahoney p 66 Paul Andreu Architecte, Sea Sphere Maritime Museum, Osaka, 1993–2000 © Kawasaki Heavy Industries
p 72-3 THINK! Team, Proposal for World Cultural Center, New York, 2002–3 © THINK (Ban, Schwartz, Smith, Vinoly)

Techniques and Technologies in Morphological Design, vol 76, no 2
p 38 a and b (images to go right next to each other as one) SMO Architektur and Arup, Bubble Highrise, Berlin, 2002 © Arup
p 39(t) PTW Architects, CSCEG Design and Arup, ‘Watercube’ National Swimming Centre, Beijing, due for completion 2007 © PTW/Arup/CSCEC
p 42 Foster and Partners, Smithsonian Institute Courtyard Enclosure, Washington DC, 2004 © Foster and Partners
p 77 Álvaro Siza and Eduardo Souto de Moura with Cecil Balmond (Arup and Partners), Serpentine Pavilion, London, 2005 © Finnforest Merk GmbH
p 78 Differential surface actuation © Achim Menges, photo Chad Loucks

The New Europe, vol 76, no 3
p 14(c) Zaha Hadid Architects with Patrick Schumacher, Saffet Bekiroglu and Christos Passas, Eleftheria Square competition proposal, Nicosia, 2005 © Zaha Hadid Architects
p 24(t) Gunnar Birkerts and Associates (US) and Modra Gelza birojs (Latvia), Latvian National Library, Riga, 2005 © from Latvijas architektúra magazine, courtesy Janis Lejnieks
p 34 Imre Makovecz, Hungarian Pavilion, Seville Expo, 1992 © Geleta & Geleta Fotostudio
p 62 Kosmos Architects, Housing in Laagri, Estonia, 2003 © Ott Kadarik
p 82 Ingarden & Ewy’ Architekci, Polish Pavilion, Expo 2005, Aichi, Japan © Krzysztof Ingarden

Programming Cultures: Art and Architecture in the Age of Software, vol 76, no 4
p 16-7 Brandon Williams/Studio Rocker, Expression of Code, 2004 © Ingeborg Rocker
p 30 Casey Reas, TI installation, BANK Art Gallery, Los Angeles, 2004–5 © CEB Reas, courtesy bitforms gallery, New York
p 52 Soft AlgoRhythms, surfaces with softer, rounded bends as morphological extensions of bent-surface AlgoRhythms. © Lalvani Studio
p 62 Haresh Lalvani, Oblique view looking down at Auto Braids membrane from the corridor roof-scape. © Evan Douglis
p88 Greg Lynn, Alessi Tea & Coffee towers, 2003 © Courtesy Greg Lynn FORM

Collective Intelligence in Design, vol 76, no 5
p 14A|Um Studio, SUTURE, SCI-Arc and TELIC galleries, Los Angeles, California, November 2005–January 2006 © Carla Leitao and Ed Keller
p 50 United Architects, World Trade Center competition entry, New York, 2002 © Kevin Kennon, United Architects
p 74 Responsive Systems Group, Meteorologics, 2006 © Responsive Systems Group
p 84b Servo, The Genealogy of Speed, Nike, 2004 © Nike/Servo
p 109 Hernan Diaz-Alonso/Xefirotarch, Design Series 4, ‘SANGRE’, San Francisco Museum of Modern Art, California, 2005–6 © Hernan Diaz-Alonso, photo Michael Erdman

Architextiles, vol 76, no 6
p 6(l) Frank Gehry, Astor Place Hotel, Manhattan, New York (1998) and Lewis Residence (1995) © Gehry Partners, LLP
p 12 Stefanie Surjo, Bio-Tissue Hotel, 2005 © Stephanie Surjo
p 27(bl) Sarah Wigglesworth Architects and Jeremy Till, The Straw House and Quilted Office, 9–10 Stock Orchard Street, Islington, London, 2001 © Paul Smoothy
p 38 Alsop Architects, West Queen West, Toronto, Canada, 2006 © SMC Alsop
p 74 KieranTimberlake Associates, SmartWrap building, New York, 2003 © KieranTimberlake Associates, photo Barry Halkin

Elegance, vol 77, no 1
p10 Contemporary Architecture Practice (Ali Rahim and Hina Jamelle), Reebok Flagship Store, Shanghai, 2005 © Contemporary Architecture Practice
p54 Preston Scott Cohen, Herta and Paul Amir Building, Tel Aviv Museum of Art, Israel, 2003–9 © Preston Scott Cohen
p 62 Zaha Hadid Architects, Marsa Dubai Residential Tower, Dubai, 2005 © Zaha Hadid Architects
p 74 Contemporary Architecture Practice (Ali Rahim and Hina Jamelle), Migrating Coastlines: Residential Tower, Dubai, 2005– © Ali Rahim and Hina Jamelle/Contemporary Architecture Practice
p 90 dECOi, Paris duplex, France, 2003 © Mark Goulthorpe

Landscape Architecture: Site/Non-Site, vol 77, no 2
p 8 Peter Eisenman Architects, City of Culture, Santiago de Compostela, Spain, 1999– © Courtesy of Eisenmann Architects
p 12-13 Peter Cook, Sponge City, 1974 © Peter Cook
p 36-7 Balmori Associates and HOK Planning Group, St Louis Waterfront, St Louis, Missouri, Illinois, 2006– © Balmori Associates
p 41(t)Ken Smith, Richard Rogers and SHoP, East River Esplanade, New York, 2007– © Ken Smith Landscape Architect
p 78-9 Gross.Max, Garden for a Plant Collector at the House for an Art Lover, Glasgow, 2005– © Gross.Max

Italy: A New Architectural Landscape, vol 77, no3
p 6-7 Mario Cucinella Architects, Le Gocce, Bologna, 2003 © Mario Cucinella Architects, photo Jean de Calan
p 20 Renzo Piano Building Workshop, New York Times Tower, New York, 2000– © Michel Denancé
p 26-7 Massimiliano Fuksas, Amplification of Bortolo Nardini Group, Bassano del Grappa, Vicenza, Veneto, 2004 © Massimiliano Fuksas Architetto, photo Maurizio Marcato
p 34-5 Antonio Citterio, Hotel Bulgari, Milan, 2004 © Antonio Citterio and Partners, photo Leo Torri
p 40-1 Boeri Studio with Gruppo Suburbia, AI Engineering srl, AI Studio Associati and INROS Lackner AG, Mediterranean Environmental Deck Park (Med Park), Naples, 2005 © Francesco Jodice

4D Social: Interactive Design Environments, vol 77, no 4
p 4 Ed Keller and Carla Leitao of A|Um Studio, SUTURE, SCI-Arc and TELIC galleries, Los Angeles, November 2005–January 2006 © SUTURE by A|um Studio, photo Joshua M White/ © 2005
p 7(tl) Studio Roosegaarde, Dune 4.0, Netherlands Media Art Institute, Amsterdam, and CBK Rotterdam, 2006–07 © Daan Roosegarde
p 24-5Jim Campbell, Shadow (for Heisenberg), 1993–4 © Jim Campbell
p 48 (use both images, a and b) ONL, Digital Pavilion Korea, Sampang-dong, Seoul, 2006 © ONL [Oosterhuis_Lénárd]
p 50 Realities United, SPOTS, Berlin, 2005 © 2005 Bernd Hiepe

Rationalist Traces, vol 77, no 5
p 36 Burkard Meyer, Training Centre Classroom Building, Technical College, Baden 2006 © Roger Frei, Zurich
p 48(t) Ludwig Mies van der Rohe, Neue Nationalgalerie, Berlin, 1968 © Stefan Muller
p 90 Patrick Berger and Jacques Anziutti with Janine Galiano, Social and Cultural Centre, RATP, Paris, 2003 © Jean-Marie Monthiers
p 98 Basilio Tobías, Building A, Campus Politécnico, Zaragoza, 1999 © Montaner-Muxi, Arquitèctos SL, photo Jacinto Esteban
p 108(b) Carlos Ferrater, JC Decaux Headquarters, Madrid, 2001 © Alejo Bagué

Made in India, vol 77, no 6
p 7 Balkrishna Doshi, Husain-Doshi Gufa, Ahmedabad, 1994 © Vastu Shilpa Consultants, photo John Panifer
p 39 (cr) Studio Mumbai Architects (Bijoy and Priya Jain), Jamshyd Sethna House, Nandgaon, Alibag, Maharashtra, 2004– © Studio Mumbai Architects
p 50-1 Roger Anger, Aster’s House, Auromodele, Auroville, 1971 © Anne Pind
p 81 Shibanee & Kamal Architects, The Good Earth apartment building for Total Environment Systems, Bangalore, 2002 © Shibanee & Kamal Architects, photo Tarunn
p 106(t) Chandavarkar and Thacker, Rubix commercial complex, Bangalore, 2007 © Chandavarkar & Thacker Architects Private Limited

Cities of Dispersal, vol 78, no 1
p 22-3 Architekt Daniel Libeskind AG, Masterplan, Westside, Berne, 2008 © Architekt Daniel Libeskind AG
p 34 B Secchi, P Viganò and students of the IUAV PhD in Urbanism, Water and Asphalt: The Project of Isotropy, 10th Architecture Biennale, Venice, 2006 © Bernard Secchi, Paola Viganó
p 58-9 Rafi Segal, Archipelago of the Negev Desert: A Temporal/Collective Plan for Beer Sheva, Israel © Rafi Segal
p 88 Manuel de Solà-Morales, Ville-Port, Saint-Nazaire, France, 1998 © Manuel de Solà
p 100(t) Acconci Studio, Mur Island, Graz, Austria, 2003 © Acconci Studio

Versatility and Vicissitude: Performance in Morpho-Ecological Design, vol 78, no 2
p 4 Defne Sunguroglu, Complex Brick Assemblies, London, 2006 © Defne Sungaroglu
P 20 Coop Himmelb(l)au, BMW Welt, Munich, Germany, 2008 © Bollinger + Grohmann
p 42Freeform Construction, Civil & Building Engineering Department and the Wolfson School of Manufacturing and Mechanical Engineering, Loughborough University, Leicestershire, UK, ongoing © Rupert Soar
p 54-5 Dae Song Lee, Differentiated Space Frames, Diploma Unit 4, Architectural Association, London, 2005–6 © Michael Hensel and Achim Menges
p 96 New Forms of Settlements, Associative Design & Synthetic Vernacular research programme (directed by Peter Trummer), Berlage Institute, Rotterdam, The Netherlands, 2006–7 © Peter Trummer

Interior Atmospheres, vol 78, no 3
p 10 Philippe Starck, Le Lan Restaurant, Beijing, 2007 © Philippe Starck
p 30-1 Olafur Eliasson, Notion motion, Museum Boijmans van Beuningen, Rotterdam, 2005 © Courtesy H&F Patronage, donated to Museum Boijmans van Beuningen, photo Jens Ziehe
p 50 LTL Architects, Tides Restaurant, New York, 2005 © Michael Moran
p 64-5 Petra Blaisse/Inside Outside, Heemstra/Strik House, Amsterdam, 2002 © Inside Outside, photo Jeroen Musch
p 91 Office for Metropolitan Architecture (OMA), McCormick Tribune Campus Centre, Illinois Institute of Technology (IIT), Chicago, 1997–2003 © Charles Rice

Protoarchitecture: Analogue and Digital Hybrids, vol 78, no 4
p 22 Theo Jansen, Animaris Percipiere, Ijmuiden, The Netherlands, May 2005 © Loek van der Klis
p 36-7 Sara Shafiei (Unit 20), Anamorphic Tectonics, Rome, 2006–7 © Sara Shafiei
p 39 marcosandmarjan, El Coral, Museum for Iberian and South American Art (MEIAC), Badajoz, Spain, 2005–6 © marcosandmarjandesign limited
p 92-3 Mette Ramsgard Thomsen and Simon Løvind, Vivisection, Charlottenborg Art Museum, Copenhagen, 2006 © Mette Ramsgard Thomsen, photo Anders Ingvartsen
p 75(t) Niall McLaughlin Architects, Sprite Major, ARC Architecture Centre, Hull, 2003 © Niall McLaughlin Architects

New Urban China, Vol 78, no 5
p 59(t) Huang Weiwen, Zhang Jianhui and URBANUS, Proposal for the Dynamic Rehabilitation of Gangxia Village, Shenzhen, Guangdong Province, 2005 © URBANUS Architecture & Design
p 64-5 Arup, Dongtan eco-city, Chongming Island, 2005– © Arup
p 77 MAD Office, Design for a low-energy, lightweight prefabricated house-pavilion to be made in China and shipped to Denmark for assembly © MAD Office Ltd
p 85(t) MADA s.p.a.m., Xinyu Natural History Museum, Xinyu, Jiangxi Province, competition, 2007 © MADA s.p.a.m.
p 93(b) MAD Office, Floating Island, Beijing, 2006 © MAD Office Ltd

Neoplasmatic Design, vol 78, no 6
p 14 Andy Shaw (Unit 20, Bartlett School of Architecture), Synthetic Gardens, 2002–3 © Andy Shaw
p 26 Steve Pike, Contaminant, 2003 © Steve Pike
p 59 (t) Marcos Cruz, Hyperdermis, 1999–2001 © Marcos Cruz
p 60 Peter Cook, Comfo-Veg Club, 2008 © Peter Cook
p 62 Kol/Mac, INVERSAbrane, 2006–7 © Sulan Kolatan and William MacDonald

Theoretical Meltdown, Vol 79, no 1
p 5 Greg Lynn FORM, Duck Table and Eggplant Table, Venice Architecture Biennale, 2008 © Greg Lynn FORM
p 18 MaO-emmeazero, Piazza Risorgimento, Bari, 2002–5 © Ma0/emmeazero studio d’architettura
p 37 IwamotoScott Architecture, Voussoir Cloud installation, SCI-Arc, Los Angeles, August 2008 © IwamotoScott Architecture
p 49 Marcos Novak, Turbulent Topologies, Istanbul, 2008 © Marcos Novak
p 56 Diller Scofidio + Renfro, Blur Building, Lake Neuchâtel, Switzerland, 2002 © Diller Scofidio + Renfro
p 78 Urban-Think Tank, Metro Cable, Manguitos Station with San Agustin Music Theatre, San Agustin, Caracas, Venezuela, 2008 © Urban-Think Tank

Closing the Gap: Information Models in Contemporary Design Practice, vol 79, no 2
p 28-9 Morphosis, New Academic Building for the Cooper Union for the Advancement of Science and Art New York, 2009 © Morphosis
p 42 SHoP Architects, 290 Mulberry Street, New York, 2008 © SHoP Architects
p 80 Wong & Ouyang with Gehry Technologies, One Island East, Hong Kong, 2008 © Gehry Technologies
p 86 Asymptote with Gehry Techologies, Strata Tower, Abu Dhabi, UAE, 2011 © Asymptote Architecture
P 98(b) Greg Lynn FORM, Blobwall, ‘Skin + Bones: Parallel Practices in Fashion and Architecture’ exhibition, Museum of Contemporary Art, Los Angeles, 2007 © Greg Lynn FORM

Energies: New Material Boundaries, vol 79, no 3
p 10 WEATHERS, Amplification installation, part of the Gen(h)ome Project, Schindler House, MAK Center for Art and Architecture, Los Angeles, 2006–7 © Weathers – Environmental Design, LLC
p 18-9 An Te Liu, Cloud, Venice Biennale, 2008 © An Te Liu 2000–2008, courtesy Cameraphoto Arte di Codato and La Biennale di Venezia
p 27 Emilio Ambasz, Prefectural International Hall, Fukuoka, Japan, 1992 © Emilio Ambasz, photo Hiromi Watanabe
p 39 Philippe Rahm architectes, Interior Gulf Stream, Research House for Dominique Gonzalez-Foerster, Paris, 2008 © Philippe Rahm architectes
p 68-9 Pierre Huyghe, A forest of lines, Sydney Opera House, Sydney, 2008 © Courtesy Marian Goodman Gallery, New York

Digital Cities, vol 79, no 4
P 5 Xiaoqin Chen, Runqing Zhang, Ying Liu and Juhi Dhar, Termite Urbanism, MArch, University of Southern California, Los Angeles, 2009 © University of Southern California
p 6-7 Pavlos Fereos, Konstantinos Grigoriadis, Alexander Robles Palacio and Irene Shamma, Urban Reef, Design Research Lab (DRL), Architectural Association, London, 2009 © Architectural Association, Design Research Lab
p 22 Zaha Hadid Archiects, Kartal-Pendik Masterplan, Istanbul, 2006 © Zaha Hadid Architects
p 36 Hernan Diaz Alonso, Chlorofilia, 2007 © Hernan Diaz Alonso
p 40-1 R&Sie(n), I’ve heard about…, 2006 © R&Sie(n) + Stephen Henrich + Benoit Durandin

Architectures of the Near Future, vol 79, no 5
p 7 Nic Clear, Game with Vestiges: After Ballard Triptych, 2009 © Nic Clear
p 30-1 (use both images) Bastian Glassner, The Groom’s Gospel I and II, 2009 © Bastian Glassner
p 36-7 Soki So, Hong Kong Labyrinths, 2048 © Soki So
p 45 Rubedo, Heterotopia, London, 2009 © Rubedo, photos Laurent-Paul Robert
p 82-3 Michelle Lord, Future Ruins (inspired by JG Ballard’s ‘The Ultimate City’), 2008 © Michelle Lord

Patterns of Architecture, vol 79, no 6
p 14(l) Marcin Mostafa, Natalia Paszkowska and Wojciech Kakowski, Polish Pavilion, World Expo, Shanghai, 2010 © WWW Architects, Marcin Mostafa
p 21 FOA, Ravensbourne College of Design and Communication, Greenwich, London, 2010 © Alejandro Zaera-Polo
p 28-9 Zaha Hadid Architects, Louis Vuitton Store, Macau, China, 2007 © Zaha Hadid Architects
p 82 Team Chimera (Pierandrea Angius, Alkis Dikaios, Thomas Jacobsen, Carlos Parraga), Mangal City, Design Research Lab (tutor: Theodore Spyropoulos), Architectural Association, London, 2009 © AA DRL/Adaptive Ecologies
p 100-1 Acoustic dot pattern walls in the Weigel Hall Music Rehearsal Room, Ohio State University, Columbus, Ohio, 1990 © Michael Urban/AFP/Getty Images

Turkey: At the Threshold, vol 80, no 1
p 6-7 Tabanlıoglu Architects, Levent Loft, Maslak, Istanbul, 2008 © Tabanlıoglu Architects, photo by Cemal Emden
p 12 Mutlu Çilingiroglu Architecture, Refiye Soyak Mosque, Istanbul, 2004 © Mutlu Çilingiroglu Architecture, photo by Cemal Emden
p 58-9 Zaha Hadid Architects, Masterplan for Kartal, Istanbul, 2006 © Zaha Hadid Architects
p 91 Teget Architecture, Yapi Kredi Bank Academy, Istanbul, 2009 © Teget Architecture
p 103 Emre Arolat Architects, Minicity, Antalya, Turkey, 2004 © Emre Arolat Architects / EAA, photos Cemal Emden

Exuberance: New Virtuosity in Contemporary Architecture, vol 80, no 2
p 32-3 Yael Reisner with Lorene Faure, Depth-Scape Interactive Time-cycled Light & Acoustic installation: Blooming, 2008 © Yael Reisner
p 50-1 Julian Fors, Jan Gronkiewicz and Dominik Strzelec (Studio Prix, University of Applied Arts, Vienna), Chardach, New Levent Subcentre, Istanbul, 2008 © Julian Fors, Dominik Strelecz, Jan Gronkiewicz
p 60-1 Marjan Colletti, 3&1/2D The POrnaMental One, 2009 © Marjan Colletti
p 70-1 Xefirotarch, Patagonia Museum Pavilion, Patagonia, Argentina, 2008– © Hernan Diaz Alonso, courtesy of Xefirotarch
p 91 Snøhetta, Ras Al Khaimah Gateway, Ras Al Khaimah, United Arab Emirates, 2009 © Snøhetta, renderings by MIR

Territory: Architecture Beyond Environment, vol 80, no 3
p 17(b) WEATHERS, Wanderings, 2008–09 © Sean Lally, photo by Sean Lally
p 25(b) SeARCH, Tower Power tree-top observation platform, Schovenhorst Estate, Putten, The Netherlands, 2009 © SeARCH
p 26 R&Sie(n), House in the Trees, Compiègne Forest, France, 1993 © R&Sie(n)
p 34-5 Softroom Architects, Termite Pavilion, ‘Pestival’, Southbank Centre, London, September 2009 © Joseph Burns
p 66-7 IwamotoScott, Hydro-net, ‘City of the Future’ competition, San Francisco, 2008 © IwamotoScott Architecture

The New Structuralism, vol 80, no 4
p 8-9 Grimshaw Architects with Buro Happold, Milan E3 Exhibition Centre, Milan, 2006 © Grimshaw
p 11(t) Neri Oxman, Beast: Prototype for a Chaise Longue, Museum of Science, Boston, Massachusetts, 2009 © Neri Oxman, Architect and Designer
p 12 Reiser + Umemoto with Ysrael A Seinuk, 0-14 Tower, Dubai, 2010 © Imre Solt
p 13 Mutsuro Sasaki and Arata Isozaki, Train station competition scheme, Florence, 2002 © Arata Isozaki & Associates
p 46-7 Foreign Office Architects (FOA), Ravensbourne College, London, 2010 © AKT
p 56-7 EMBT (Enric Miralles/Benedetta Tagliabue), Spanish Pavilion, Expo 2010, Shanghai © EMBT (Enric Miralles/Benedetta Tagliabue

Post-Traumatic Urbanism, vol 80, no 5
p 8-9 Diana Hanna Hani, Farouk Kork, Hugh Irving, Samaneh Moafi, Grace Uy and Tobias Robinson, Continuity, Social Transformations Studio (tutors: Adrian Lahoud and Samantha Spurr), University of Technology, Sydney, 2008 © Diana Hanna Hani, Farouk Kork, Hugh Irving,Samane Moafi, Grace Uy and Tobias Robinson
p 14-15 Martin Abbott, Georgia Herbert, Clare Johnston, Joshua Lynch, Alexandra Wright, The Diversity Machine and the Resilient Network, Social Transformations Studio (tutors: Adrian Lahoud and Samantha Spurr), University of Technology, Sydney, 2009 © Martin Abbott, Georgia Herbert, Clare Johnston, Joshua Lynch, Alexandra Wright
p 53(b) Amanda Clarke, Ubiquitous City, Global Field Studio: Shenzhen (tutors: Adrian Lahoud and Charles Rice), University of Technology, Sydney, 2008 © Amanda Clarke
p 99 Erik Escalante and Alina McConnochie, Beirut City Extension: Imperfect Difference, Incomplete Repetition, Social Transformations Studio, University of Technology, Sydney, 2009 © Alina McConnochie + Erik Escalante
p 108 Offshorestudio, Open Tower, 2008 © Offshorestudio, 2008

EcoRedux: Design Remedies for an Ailing Planet , vol 80, no 6
p 8-9 Matthias Hollwich and Marc Kushner, MEtreePolis 2075 © HWKN (HollwichKushner)
p10 Eva Franch i Gilabert, Cover of the Ecologies of Excess, Catalogue, Future City, Planet Earth, 2110 © Eva Franch Gilabert /ecologies of excess
p 14-5 Lydia Kallipoliti, EcoRedux drawing, 2008 © Lydia Kallipoliti p 70 R&Sie(n) with Stephan Henrich, Symbiosis ’Hood, Seoul, Korea, 2006–7 © R&Sie(n) with Stephan Henrich
p 98 Eric Vergne, Dystopian Farm Skyscraper, Manhattan, New York, 2009 © Eric Vergne

Typological Urbanism, vol 81, no 1
p 8-9 Superquadra 308S, Brasilia, Brazil, 1957–60 © Adolfo Despradel/photograph by Adolfo Despradel
p 10 Toyo Ito & Associates, Architects and RSP Architects Planners & Engineers (Pte) Ltd, Singapore Buona Vista Masterplan Competition, Singapore, 2000–01 © Toyo Ito & Associates, Architects
p 11 UNStudio, Arnhem Central, The Netherlands, due for completion 2013 © Christian Richters
p 12 Kazuyo Sejima + Ryue Nishizawa/SANAA, 21st Century Museum of Contemporary Art, Kanazawa, Ishikawa Prefecture, Japan, 2004 © Kazuyo Sejima + Ryue Nishizawa/ SANAA
p 13 DOGMA (Pier Vittorio Aureli and Martino Tattara with Alice Bulla), A Simple Heart: Architecture on the Ruins of the Post-Fordist City, European North Western Metropolitan Area, 2002–09 © FRAC Centre Collection, Orléans, France

Protocell Architecture, vol 81, no 2
p 8-9 Lee Cronin, Tubular Architectures, Cronin Group, University of Glasgow, 2009 © Leroy Cronin, The University of Glasgow, 2010
p 11 Omar Khan, Gravity Screens, Center for Architecture and Situated Technologies, Department of Architecture, University at Buffalo, New York, 2009–10 © Omar Khan
p 12 © Philip Beesley, Hylozoic Ground installation, Canadian Pavilion, Venice Biennale, 2010 Philip Beesley Architect Inc
p 13 Nic Clear, Protocell Architecture 02 [Networks], 1200 x 600 print on lightbox (detail), 2010 © Nic Clear
p 66 Neil Spiller, Communicating Vessels, Sturry and Fordwich, Kent, and distributed input and output sites elsewhere including Paris and Rome, 1998–2010 © Neil Spiller


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